Tutorials for the modules I use on this site

If you learn how to use just four modules you can build a great looking homepage.

On this website I used the Genesis Sample theme - Beaver Builder LitePowerPack Lite and Fullwidth Templates plugin. There is also a pro version of Beaver Builder.

Module Demo Page

Smart Headings Module

Info Box Module

Photos For Your Website

If you need photos for your website, I recommend Unsplash. Always read the copyright information carefully before using any images on your own website!


Text Editor Module

Photo Module

The Modules I Use

You can see examples of the four modules I use most often on this...

Demo Page

More Miscellaneous Tutorials...

Module Settings

To place content in a Beaver Builder page, you drag modules in to the rows and columns in your layout. To keep these tutorials simple I’m only using four modules….

Placing content in your layout

To place content in your layout drag a module onto the page. If you’ve ever set up a theme using a widgetized homepage, you’ll be familiar with this process. Imagine…

The Genesis Simple FAQs plugin

For a full set of instructions, visit the StudioPress page Most sites can make good use of an FAQ section. The Genesis Simple FAQs plugin makes this easy for Genesis…

Choosing a WordPress Theme

There are thousands of WordPress themes available. Some themes are free and some quite expensive, so how do you choose? This website is for people who already understand the benefits…

Genesis Framework, A Solid Foundation

This site uses the Genesis Framework and a Genesis child theme. Genesis is a secure and solid foundation for your website. To get your copy click the button below.

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