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This header uses a  photo background with a coloured overlay. This makes reading the text much easier. If you stick to grey-scale overlays, the images tend to look clearer.

Photo by: Brooke Cagle via Unsplash
Photo by: Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash
Photo by: Ksenia Makagonova
Photo by: Brooke Cagle
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Image provided by: Norman Toth via Unsplash

The Text Editor

I used the text editor module to place this text here. You can format the text in exactly the same way you would normally format text in the WordPress editor.

You can use headlines, bold and italic text or lists.

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Built on solid ground

The wise man builds his house on solid ground. You could choose a cheaper solution, but is that what you and your business deserve? The Genesis Framework is a good, solid, long term foundation for your website and your business. $59.95 is a small price to pay for such a firm foundation, don't you think?

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions...

These lists were built using the Genesis Simple FAQ plugin

Who is behind the Genesis FAQ plugin

It's made by the StudioPress team.

How do I add a question?

To make each question and it’s corresponding answer…
Go to: Dashboard > Simple FAQs > Add New

This opens a dialogue similar to a standard WordPress post editor.

Put your question in the box you’d normally put the post title.
Put your answer in the box where you’d normally put the blog post content.

Can I format the FAQ answers?

Yes. You can format the FAQ answer in the same way you format a blog post.

You can use...

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • And lists etc.

You can even include an image inside the answer of an FAQ.

Can I add an image to my FAQ answer?

Yes, you can do the same things you'd do with a normal WordPress blog post.

I added this image in the normal way, using the add media button.

What theme does this site use?

This site uses the Genesis Framework and the Mai Lifestyle Pro child theme.

Do I have to buy the Starter Child theme for Genesis?

You have to buy the Genesis Framework, the Starter theme is free.

However if your web developer has a licence to use Genesis, they can install Genesis and the child theme on your site using their licence.

What extras do I get if I buy my own Genesis licence?

You get your own access to download Genesis if you ever break your site and need to reinstall Genesis.
You get access to StudioPress support if you get stuck and need help setting up Genesis and the Starter theme or any other theme you've bought from StudioPress.

Could I build a site like this one using a free theme?

You could build something that looked similar, but Genesis is...

  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Constantly monitored, maintained and updated when nessessery
  • Has a large following of developers who you can turn to when you need expert help
  • Most of all, Genesis is designed to be a long term solution



Genesis Framework, A Solid Foundation

This site uses the Genesis Framework and a Genesis child theme. Genesis is a secure and solid foundation for your website. To get your copy click the button below.

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